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Nasz cel w Emergency Chiropractic® jest zapewnienie najwyższej jakości opieki wszystkim naszym pacjentom. Po rozładowaniu, prosimy wszystkich naszych pacjentów o anonimowe wypełnienie obszernej ankiety uzupełniającej i wysłanie jej z powrotem do naszego biura korporacyjnego w kopercie przedpłaconej.

Chcemy wiedzieć, w jaki sposób ocenili każdy aspekt opieki, którą otrzymali i gdzie możemy mieć pole do poprawy. Uważnie sprawdzamy każdą ankietę.

Poniżej znajdują się rzeczywiste oświadczenia pacjentów zaczerpnięte z tych badań, które odzwierciedlają opinie naszych pacjentów. Prosimy o przeglądanie tych referencji, aby lepiej poznać doświadczenia naszych pacjentów.

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Na podstawie 412 recenzji

“Dr. Conrad was very caring & provided me with GREAT care.”

Dr. ConradChiropractic Physician & Scottsdale Clinic Director

“Dr. Ellis always made me feel comfortable, he explained things thoroughly, and I never felt rushed.”

Dr. EllisChiropractic Physician & Northwest Clinic Director

“He is special, makes you feel comfortable, cares about you as a person, not just a patient. He brightens your day with Humor!"

Dr. BernardChiropractic Physician & Midtown Clinic Director

“What a great Doctor! He understood my problems, and did a great job of helping me.”

Dr. BerrierChiropractic Physician & East Mesa Clinic Director

“He is the best. He took the time to explain the full process. He was also extremely friendly”

Dr. YoungChiropractic Physician & West Clinic Director

“Very personable. I felt like he was there because he wants to help people. He was always prompt and courteous!"

Dr. TaxterChiropractic Associate Physician

More Patient Testimonials

AshlyScottsdale Office
She is so awesome, always helpful, and i felt important every time!”

Dr. Damania (Damania)Lekarz Chiropractic & Maryvale Clinic Director
The only thing I can say is, Niesamowite, Niesamowite, Niesamowite!!”

Cindy East Office
A very professional & friendly Chiropractic Assistant.

Dr. Poulson GarciaLekarz Chiropractic & West Chandler Clinic Director
I never had a Doctor make me feel so comfortable from the start.

JuanitaSouth Office
She was really helful and friendly.

Dr. HorneLekarz Chiropractic & Southeast Valley Clinic Director
“Jest doskonałym doktorem! He has a great technique. He cares about his patients!”

AndreaEast Mesa Office
She was great to talk to, showed concern for everyone who walked through the front door! ”

Dr. AndrusLekarz Chiropractic & Mesa Clinic Director
Very friendly, Uprzejmy, and professional. You can tell he loves his job in how well he treats you. ”

Dr. MillerLekarz Chiropractic & East Clinic Director
He is very warm, nice and personable, genuinely concerned, and has great hands! ”

Dr. ConradLekarz Chiropractic & Scottsdale Clinic Director
Her knowledge, kindness & caring way of explaining injuries and treatment is exceptional!”

IrmaSouthwest Office
She took the time to make me feel comfortable in treatment since the first day I stepped in the office. ”

Dr. ThuerckLekarz Chiropractic & Southwest Clinic Director
“Dr. Thuerck was very pleasant and understanding with me.

CarmenMaryvale Office
She gave me the assurance that Emergency Chiropractic could handle my case and provide me with exceptional care, and they did!”

Dr. TaxterChiropractic Associate Physician
Great Care! He was very patient and explained everything to me. I would recommend him highly.

DianaTempe Office
What can I say but WOW! She always made me laugh, and helped me understand what was going on. Thank You!”

JuanitaSouth Office
Did a great job on my therapy.

Dr. StanbridgeLekarz Chiropractic & South Clinic Director
When he adjusted me it was like he took his hands, placed them on my body, and pulled the pain out! I felt an immediate release of pain, thank you! ”

Dr. MillerChiropractic Physician & East Clinic Director
He was awesome. Very experienced & knowledgeable about the body and how to make it better.

MelindaEast Mesa Office
Was awesome, she always greeted me with such a friendly smile and hello!”

DebbieSoutheast Office
“Bardzo ładnie, pleasant. My treatments were wonderful!”

Susie East Office
From my very first visit I felt she actually cared, her eagerness and openness made me feel very cared for.

Dr. SundChiropractic Associate Physician
Always made me feel important and at ease, professional and good at what she does!”

Dr. RandallLekarz Chiropractic & Tempe Clinic Director
Attended to me very well, helped me understand my treatments! ”

Dr. BerrierLekarz Chiropractic & East Mesa Clinic Director
Hands down the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He is very professional and has excellent bedside manners. He is concerned, Uprzejmy, and overall a super-nice human being!”

Susan Mesa Office
Always very friendly and courteous!”

Dr. FreiheitChiropractic Associate Physician
He is hilarious!”

Kat Northwest Office
She was wonderfulvery helpful!”

Dr. BernardLekarz Chiropractic & Midtown Clinic Director
Was very comfortable to talk to, and made it fun to be in his office, I enjoyed going to my visits everytime!”

GracieTempe Office
Always gentle and caring, she was very accommodating

Dr. TaxterChiropractic Associate Physician
Very caring and concerned, I felt so comfortable around him!”

Dr. HorneLekarz Chiropractic & Southeast Valley Dyrektor kliniki
Was awesome and skillful in his adjustments. I was most comfortable with his adjustmentsno pain, no fear, no discomfort!”

Dr. EllisLekarz Chiropractic & Northwest Clinic Director

I felt as though the Doctor was my friend, so much that I continue to send patients. I will miss the whole entire staff now that my medical problems are completed!”

Dr. SundChiropractic Associate Physician
She is very professional, Opiekuńczy, and really great at what she does!!”

Dr. MillerLekarz Chiropractic & East Clinic Director
Always very easy to talk to, I enjoyed his ability to embrace his sense of humor; he made a crummy experience into a positive one!”

April West Office
She was just wonderful. She was cheerful, all smiles & very personable. I’ll miss her face all the time!”

Dr. BernardLekarz Chiropractic & Midtown Clinic Director
He was awesome! I was very glad he was my Doctor.

Dr. HoweChiropractic Associate Physician
Very impressed with his knowledge, his memory of my conditions, and his personality!”

Dr. Poulson GarciaLekarz Chiropractic & West Chandler Clinic Director
Amazing, she was extremely helpful and very professional!”

Dr. YoungLekarz Chiropractic & West Clinic Director
He is excellent at explaining paperwork, during our initial visit which extended past your normal hours, I never felt rushed or confused, the happy-fun atmosphere was great!”

ArrianaMaryvale Office
She was very, very gentle with my injury throughout my treatment!"

Melissa Midtown Office
“Best staff member, Zainteresowanych, helpful, Opiekuńczy, and accommodating, love her!"

Dr. Berrier Lekarz Chiropractic & East Mesa Clinic Director
“Listened to my issues, and concentrated on making me feel better, everyday I felt better and enjoyed coming in!"

Dr. Horne Lekarz Chiropractic & Southeast Valley Dyrektor kliniki
“Always showed concern in my care and how I was feeling!"

Dr. Brillas Chiropractic Associate Physician
“Very cordial and professional.. Exhibits “Opiekuńczy” in my treatment, answered all my questions and concerns!"

Dr. Ellis Lekarz Chiropractic & Northwest Clinic Director
“So friendly and courteous, really felt that he cared.”

Wspólne usługi są dostępne na życzenie w naszych klinikach. Emergency chiropraktyka® jest zastrzeżonym znakiem towarowym urzędu patentowego i znaków towarowych USA z wszelkimi prawami i przywilejami zastrzeżonymi.
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