Work Injury Care

Did you know that Neck and Back Injuries account for most of the injuries occurring at work? Who better to see for these specific type of injuries than a Chiropractor?

Industrial Injuries result in injury to a worker, both physically and financially. Everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job. That’s why the Arizona Industrial Commission pays 100% of covered charges for Chiropractic Care. Don’t let pain from a work injury make it hard to continue working at top efficiency.

If you are injured at work, see us at Emergency Chiropractic®. We have been successfully treating Workman’s Compensation cases for over 40 년. We can fill out all the claim forms, and process your claim. If you need time off work, we can communicate with your employer, so he knows your intention is to return to work as soon as you can safely do your job.

It is important to receive proper care following an industrial injury, not only to stop the pain, but to rehabilitate the affected area. Without proper healing, it’s more likely that an industrial injury could later reoccur.

Calling Emergency Chiropractic® following an auto accident or work injury is a wise choice. Our professional team of doctors, chiropractic assistants, and support personnel are dedicated to providing you with top-notch healthcare. We understand industrial accidents and the necessary paperwork to handle everything with the least amount of hassles possible. Give us a call, we’re ready to help 7 주일.

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