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Nödsituation kiropraktik® has been providing auto accident and work injury care for over 40 År. Our commitment is to providing our patients with quality injury care. Our staff consists of fourteen offices and over one hundred dedicated Chiropractic Physicians, Chiropractic Assistants, Administrators, Billing Managers, Receptionists and support personnel.

Over the years, we’ve successfully treated tens of thousands of Auto Accidents and Work Injury victims in Arizona. Alla läkare är AZ licensierade kiropraktik läkare, som också innehar ytterligare kiropraktik specialitet certifikat i fysikalisk medicin modaliteter och terapeutiska procedurer.

Our approach is to provide short-term care for auto accidents and work injuries. We want your experience to be 100 percent positive, from the first time you call us to the day we release you from care. We understand just how frustratinghealth carecan be today, and want to do everything possible to make your experience with us positive.

When you arrive at any of our fourteen offices, you’ll discover just how modern and professional our facilities are. We are especially proud of our offices. We own 100 percent of the buildings and the practices (we’re not a franchise). Each of our buildings were built from the ground. You will find each of our locations to be carefully chosen throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, so you’re never too far from any of our offices. All our offices are professional freestanding buildings. Each office is clean, modern, and attractive. Nuestros doctores y asistentes hablan español.

Everyone you meet at our offices will have one goal in mind, making your visit a positive experience. Vid nödsituationer kiropraktik® we know that injuries can occur anytime. So we are available 7 days a week. Delaying care can result in more pain and slower healing, that is why we do not charge extra for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays appointments! We can even help with transportation to our offices, should your car become un-drivable, due to an accident. We think you will be impressed with how each of our staff members takes the time to listen to your concerns. We want to know what will make you a satisfied patient.

When you come into our offices, we take the time to explain any problems that we find and work with your schedule to arrange for convenient times for follow up appointments. If a referral becomes necessary, we work closely with a large group of prominent orthopedic specialists, neurologists, and surgeons. We also have access to the most modern and up-to-date technologies, like MRI imaging, should that become necessary.

Just as importantly, you do not need to worry about money. We treat most auto accidents and work injuries with no deductibles, no co-pays and no out of pocket cost. By accepting all auto and work insurance coverages, most patientscare is 100 percent covered. We will be glad to work with the responsible person’s insurance carrier or your attorney to make sure that you receive all the care you need and gladly wait for payment.

Quality injury care, that’s what Emergency Chiropractic® is all about. If you or someone you care about is involved in an auto accident or injury at work, give us a call, seven days a week. We’re ready to help!

Gemensamma tjänster erbjuds på begäran på våra kliniker. Emergency kiropraktik® är ett registrerat varumärke som tillhör den amerikanska patent-och varumärkeskontoret med alla rättigheter och privilegier reserverade.
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